Juliusz Sokołowski says, that he creates in the periphery of Poland and so much in the periphery in general, in whole art. He takes shots of circumference. Society: prisoners, circus men (cycles from the second part of 80s) or his city: instead of fancy, representative parks and streets – neighbourhood of power station of thermoelectricity , railway warehouses, subways. He photographs architecture: lovable and great examples, most interesting decisions, that have been made in his city. It would be “Gazeta Wyborzca“ publisher‘s Agory house, building of Warsaw University, it would be the new Warsaw Trade Tower next to the Old Party building, residence of Polish United Workers‘ Party, ultra contemporary bureau’s „Topaz“ building, super market’s “Panorama” building. All this is just a small part of constructions, periphery. And pieces of the sky.
Still, all of this does not change the fact that the artist stays somewhere in the “periphery”. Unknown master of photography or, if is known, just because we have heard something about him. Known from stories.

Curator Krzysztof Stanislawski

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